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A lover’s quarrel with my Samsung Vibrant Galaxy

Finally, T-Mobile has released Android’s Gingerbread for my Samsung Galaxy S. Apparently Samsung and Gingerbread don’t play nice, which is obvious by the fact that I get Android OS updates months after everyone else who has various other types of phones and carriers. Whatever, that’s my technology rant for the day. And, there’s no notification system, and you can’t upgrade automatically from your phone, you need a software client, Kies Mini installed on your computer. And there’s issues with my Mac too. Complain, complain. Continue reading

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The Zen of Project Management, or China forces me to take a tech break

Every day I advocate for nonprofits to appropriately incorporate technology into their business models. This may mean developing a useful website that helps to enhance and reach toward a mission, not only be a static billboard. It may mean incorporating databases, installing software, or simply training staff on how to manage and organize emails and online communications. I spend every day online and really love data. I am intimately connected to multiple social networks and more importantly, full access to information at all times. When is the bus coming? Where is the closest grocery store? How much does a ticket cost? How do you say toilet paper in Chinese? Answers that are so easily accessed in the States that it almost seems like a basic human right, or dare I say it, a natural step in human evolution. Continue reading

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