Why Hire a Consultant?

Many companies are often are strapped for cash and time.  It’s understandable, we all could use more money and more help.  In the current climate of scarcity, competition and debt – why does it make sense to spend even more money on a consultant?

Hiring a consultant is an investment.  It is admitting that the current way you do work might be outdated, duplicative or has drifted from your main mission.  It is not admitting you are wrong, or that your staff or services are not appropriate. Conversely – a consultant helps you redefine your objectives and set a strategy to reach your goals, while letting your staff continue to do what they do best – serve your clients and reach towards your mission.

I can help your organization in multiple ways.  First and foremost I specialize in technology project planning.  This means I can get you off the ground with your website by strategizing your messaging and content architecture. My goal is to help you decide what you need so you can hire the right employee or contractors. I can lead user research sessions to identify your needs and write your project requirements. I can help set up your social media strategy and define the action plan. I’ll work with you to write an RFP and vet vendors for any types of technical projects.

I can be involved with your projects on a small or large scale. I can come in for just a few hours to train you or your staff, I can help you design strategies to implement on your own, or I can manage the entire website, from designing the navigation to recruiting and managing designers, developers, volunteers, interns or staff.

I can play the role of a Digital Strategist for a small company. However, this does not mean I do everything myself. Depending on your needs, we may hire contractors to do the things I don’t do. I do not write code, I am not a visual designer, and I don’t build databases.

I also hold an M.A. in Qualitative Research Methodologies and have published several reports, white papers and policy recommendations. I have helped organizations build data recording and metrics strategies into their current work so they can prove their successes.

2 Responses to Why Hire a Consultant?

  1. This is a beautiful masterpiece. So glad you are putting all your knowledge and expertise into your own dream. Well written and designed, this is a site to be proud of and has got me ready to hire!

    In all seriousness, I am quitting my spa Job within the next few weeks and will be devoting myself to a full time practice in massage and wellness pursuits! Will be taking a little time to get marketing materials together & Would soo love your help and feedback at some point. Will be getting new office space and foresee feb/march as good months to get a website together where people can book and learn about all that is Amber-lucious massage! Lets talk cost or airline fees and trade for your services @ some pt relatively soon! :)

    Have so much to catch up on but slamming through this wk and weekend. I’m sure you’ll be in over your head with consulting projects, wink-wink ;), but let me know if you have any appts available for a coffee date in LA around march 4th?

    Love you! You are a rock star, looks like your owning it and I LOVE it! I’ll be back for the blog; you should know you made in on the bookmarks bar baby. U at the top of my list anywayz.

    Big wet smootches…tlk soon!

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